Flower Cup


This pretty little cup makes me think of its (imaginary) owner, an elegant English lady,
to whom this cup belongs. While I was painting, I tried to make this cup as perfect and elegant as I could. I believe I was close.


Cherries & Nectarine


                               Working with the brushes #1 and #2 was fun.:)

Orange & Grapes


I forgot to post this one yesterday, so I hope you like it today! I've decided to use smaller canvas panels, and a more close - up image, and see how it goes. But these smaller panels are actually taking up more work than big canvases - that is one disadvantage!


Fruit & Teapot


A colorful little teapot guarding a parade of fruit. One cherry broke free of the plate and escaped onto the tablecloth. I painted this "runaway" cherry last.

(My 12 year old daughter, Sofiya, wrote this description.) Thanks, sweetie!

Cherry Tea


Lately, I've been showing my paintings every day in Daily Paintworks. I want all my daily paintings to be in my blog, so everyone can see them. Here is one.
I hope you enjoy looking at my daily paintings! Thanks for visiting.


This is my daughter Sofiya as of Summer 2010 at our country house (dacha) in Russia. This painting was part of my Master's final project.

Samovar. 1997

Peonies in our little garden

That was the time when I was really fascinated with flowers, especially peonies, and here you can see where my inspiration came from