Assorted Berries

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I really enjoyed painting those delicious berries! Actually, it was the first raspberries I ever worked on.


Black Coffee

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Oh, the smell of the coffee while I was working on this painting!  Never had a chance in my life to try cherries...on Desember 29! Love them! But, who doesn't?


December Leaf


This is a quick sketch of an autumn leaf in December. This is a gessoboard 5"x5". It's amazing how small the board looks, but when you're painting, it takes about an hour! Even though the painting is small, there is nothing small about the work it takes.




I really enjoyed painting the clementine, and will defenetly try it soon again. I brought this tiny cup from Russia (love it), which was easy to paint. Well, the cup was the easiest thing to paint today.


Lemon & Strawberries


I started painting strawberries again, because they finally appeared at the store! :) I decided to paint three of them, all surrounding the lemon. Hope you like the painting, and have a great weekend!



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I decided to title this painting "Memories". The dried rose and pearls are symbols from the past, and somebody is remembering a time long ago. I hope you like this painting and get your very own image and memory from this painting. 


Toy Puppy

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My model for today's painting was my daughter's favorite toy doggy that she brought with her all the way from Russia to the US. These toys are such good models - they sit very still and never complain of being tired of sitting :)


Baby Seal

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My 12-year-old daughter loves this toy baby seal. I've been going around it for a few weeks thinking may be I should give it a try. So today, while Sofiya was at school, I painted it. And I enjoyed it so much. I've been thinking of my childhood, how I'd have loved this baby seal!