These three works are waiting for the jury's decision to be on the art exhibition at Lyndon House Art Center in Athens GA from Jan. 27 till Apr. 17. Still life with Grapefruit, After the Rain, Twilight in Paris. I hope they will be selected.

Coming out of the Shadow

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I saw this pear. It was waiting for me to paint its portrait, so I did:)


By the Fireplace


This creamer was made in India, and has some scratches on it. I found it interesting, especially in the company of a garlick.




We went to the Buford Highway Farmers Market in Atlanta (Doraville) yesterday. All those unbelieveble vegetables and fruit from different places of the world...very inspiring for me... so I painted these perfectly shaped white and purple eggplants.


Fruit and Jam

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This can of blackcurrant jam is a present of the friend of mine. I believe she bought it in one of the Asian markets which had a Russian section. And now I'm thinking - where have I been? - not painting all these beautiful berries such as blackcurrant, redcurrant, goosberries, etc.? When I'm back in Russia, I won't hesitate - There are a lot of  berry bushes in my garden there.



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My friend came over to my place to paint together today. She is a beginning painter and needed my advice. I enjoyed such collaborations.


Paris in Early Spring

I'm continuing with the series of cityscapes. In this painting I tried to convey the evening atmosphere in the old European city, with its street lights and shop windows, using as light colors as I could.