Pomegranate II

Couldn't resist painting this pomegranate a second time. The previous painting was vertical, and this one is horizontal.
Have a good weekend!!


Asters in a Vase

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This weekend my husband, daughter, and I visited our friends at their country-house. While looking through their garden, I spotted these pretty asters growing as wildflowers near the fence. So these flowers went from being lowly weeds to featured asters on my painting. :)




 I just returned from our country house and bought a watermelon from a street fruit seller right below my apartment window. I came home and cut a piece from this huge watermelon and painted it. I wanted to try it but decided to paint it first. So, when I was done, this slice of watermelon became my trophey - it was nice to finally eat it!



I was so happy to find this absolutely beautiful pomegranate in
the store! It's red you could probably say. But when you take it in your hands - its skin has so many colors! I like the combination of warm and cold colors in the pomegranate. This is what makes a painting richly colorful.
I made a close-up photo, so you could see my brush strokes closer. Thanks for watching!



Green and Yellow

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The composition is quite similar to the one I painted recently, but this one is horizontal...I enjoy painting lemons so much, so they appear in many of my works. 


Karkade Tea


This karkade tea is a little sour and I like its color and fragrance. Actually, its color and taste get along with those of tangerines - so I put them together as models for this painting, which I have just finished. It's the end of a day over here, so I am in a hurry to post it!


August Tea

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In the area where I live, central Russia, summer is nearly over - so notice the Autumn colors of the zinnia flowers and the tea. The zinnias, by the way, are from my garden, as are the cherries. Here are some photos I took today:


Nasturtium from my Garden

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I was painting plein air in my garden today. It was a very beautiful day, warm and peaceful after all the cold rainy days we had in July. I took a picture of my setup and the place where I was working. This easel is 25 years old -I used it in college.
Have good weekend! And thanks for your interest!


Simply Irresistible

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I just realized that I love painting apples. I have a few apple trees in my garden and the apples on different trees are, although similar, still very different in shape and color when you take a closer look at them. Sometimes I imagine that they belong to a few rival families contending with each other for the first prize of an apple beauty pageant.

Sunflower Tea

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I borrowed this beautiful teacup from my mother-in-law. And my daughter provided me with the sunflower. She refused to tell me where she found it :)
And also just a reminder that my paintings are FREE shipped now!


Bright Fruit


Me and my daughter were taking a walk in the park, and on our way home, we saw a stand with lemons and bunches of grapes. My daughter told me "These grapes would be great for a still life of yours, Mom..." So there you are - "Bright Fruit". And, in addition, FREE SHIPPING!


Peeled Mandarin

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 Hello everyone! I have good news! From this mandarin painting on I am going to make the shipping of my paintings free! So my potential buyers don't have to figure out how much they will have to pay for shipping to their particular part of the globe!


Tea with Wild Cherries


It is extremely rainy now in my part of Russia - seems as if I "brought" the rainy weather from Athens, GA to Chelyabinsk, Russia. But the rain doesn't seem to bother the wild cherry trees in my garden - they seem to prosper in this weather and hot tea is always good when it's cold and wet outside.


Fresh Apple

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I spent two days at our country house with my daughter. The weather was fine. We ate a lot of apples from our apple trees and had a nice chat with our neighbors - two little boys.


We Are All Fruit


These apples are from our garden - they are ripe and sweet now! The mandarin has been bought at a fruit stand right below my second floor window - a salesman from Tajikistan is selling fruit there. Mandarins don't grow here, in the Urals - it's too cold for them. I think you can even see the hot climate of Tajikistan in this mandarin's sunny flesh.


Unfinished Still life...

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Just bought a canvas at a local art store, thought I'd paint a little... But in two hours it got dark, so I decided to call it a day. And continue painting tomorrow. Thanks for watcjing!