Orange Orange Burning Bright


 I couldn't for the life of me come up with a name for this orange painting and my husband suggested "orange, orange, burning bright". At first, I wasn't happy with this idea but then I thought for a while and agreed.


Coffee and Mandarin Slices


One of the many things I miss about the US - is the soy creamer I used to put in my coffee! Here in Russia, there is no soy creamer, and I would just die for some! Mandarin slices aren't exactly the best substitutes for soy creamer...


A Pair of Friends


Although I told you a few days ago that I was starting a cityscape series, I just can't tear myself away from still lifes like this one - my favorite citrus. I just find them delightful to paint, especially orange and grapefruit - the sun reflecting in the fruit is a feast of inspiration on snowy winter days like today.  


Frosted Sunset


I walked around the downtown streets last night to get some good spots. It was an absolutely beautiful evening! This is one the oldest streets of my city.


First Snow


 I am starting a series of winter land-/cityscapes, the first of which is "First Snow", the out-of-window view of morning snow in one of my city's streets. The series will include the greeting of winter in my city (but not only), and the farewell of the autumn months.


Cup of Tea

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At first I wanted to name this piece "Tea and Grapefruit", but the fruit is hiding its face behind the cup, so I decided to focus viewers' attention on the cup of tea and name it that.
It snowed here overnight, but not as much as we might have wanted it to - but the content of this painting fits spring more than winter! Yesterday's piece, "Half Full", was evidently a premonition of the white blanket of snow on the ground as well as the background of the painting.


Half Full


 If the background of this painting reminds you of snow, it is not taken from outside my window. For some reason, there is still no snow in Russia, and it's already December. It usually starts snowing in the beginning of November or earlier, and lasts till April (record is June). But now the weather has decided to hold off its natural winter antics, so we will have to content ourselves with pretending that the half-full pot of gold is actually seated on snow rather than a white cloth!




Here is another work with progress steps. I know my fans will want to see the process of my painting :), with the final at the bottom with the signature.




Every meal in Russia is followed by a cup of tea. In addition to that, we also drink tea in between meals. Usually it is served very hot, either with or without sugar, and people might also add either milk or a slice of lemon to it.


Winter Sunset


This is a St Petersburg winter sunset city fragment. My family and I wanted to go there this summer, but with the return from America and the move to a different apartment, time and money didn't allow us to make the trip. Hopefully, next summer 2014, we will visit the beautiful city and see the sunset with our own eyes.


Pomegranate and Grapes

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 Here's my latest work - I got up bright and early, inspired by the snow swirling outside the window, and made the white background of the pomegranate the color of the snow.



Split Shells


The last few times I posted my works, I realized that I'd forgotten to take photos of my work in progress. This time I remembered to take a shot of the beginning stage of my work. Thanks foe watching!



I was so lucky to find this clementine with leaves on it at the store - it was the only one with the leaves still on in a whole basket of oranges.


Egg and Jug

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This is my favorite jug - therefore I paint it often. I think it looks best with an egg by its side. 


A Horse Called Ivy

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My daughter used to ride horses in America - and Ivy was her favorite horse there. I took a photo of her trotting Ivy in the field (about a year ago), and painted it quite some time later!


Red Grapefruit Slice


As I was slicing this grapefruit it occurred to me that it looked just like the ones I used to buy at Buford Highway Farmers' Market in Doraville, next to Atlanta, GA. As I was peering into the half-transparent red depths of this fruit, I thought for a moment that my return to Russia might have just been a dream and, as soon as my gaze finally resurfaces from the grapefruit flesh, I might find myself still in the familiar corner on the second floor of my Georgia apartment, where I used to paint my cups and fruits. This thought would not leave me until I finished painting this one. I guess I am missing Georgia.


Tea and Mandarins


I was looking for a good combination of blue and orange and here's what I've come up with.


Slice of Citrus

I've been painting larger pieces recently - mostly portraits. Today I have finally returned from the land of giants to that of Lilliput, so to speak. And this extraordinarily transparent slice of orange was the first to spot me landing and welcome me ashore.


Blackcurrant Twig

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The short Russian summer is over and we are entering the long winter season now. I was snowing yesterday. So, while the fragrant scent of summer still lingers in my memory, I want to dwell a little longer on the lush local fruit and berries. Black currants are my favorite berries and they are perfect for jam!