California Poppies

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Once, when I lived in California, I picked a California poppy in order to paint it later. I was surprised when a very good friend of mine told me it was illegal to pick California poppies in that state. Now I have California poppies growing in my garden in Russia (my in-laws planted them while I lived in Georgia). Whenever I see them, I have the happy memories of my "Californian" period coming over me.


My Palette

I have decided to take a day's break from my favorite cups and switch to art objects, which are always present at the moment of art creation (and are indispensable in this process) but rarely become its subjects. So, I decided to make these humble servants of an artist the main heroes of this painting, along with two little strawberries, whose season has finally started here in Russia. I also found this coexistence of my American art supplies and Russian berries kind of fascinating.


Teacup and Apricot

These cup and saucer are from the same set as the creamer I painted a few days ago. I liked the combination of its colors with the color of an apricot on the blue background. I hope you'll like it too :)



Garden Strawberries

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It's very warm and dry in Russia now, so I have to water my lakeside garden to keep the more fragile plants alive. Strawberries are very much alive anyway, no matter watered or not. Dry weather makes them much sweeter, although smaller maybe. I hope you can see that on this painting.


Yellow Creamer


It is my Mom's creamer. I have known it since I was a child.When I was in Georgia, I was dreaming of painting this creamer some day when I am back in Russia. Today, my dream has come true and here it is - the creamer and a mandarin.

Cup and Peony

This peony is also fresh from my garden - when I picked it, it was still a bud, but when I brought it home, the next morning, it became a fully fledged flower!


Blue Teacup

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It might look like a large lemon but, in fact, it's a small orange. I am noticing that fruit look (and taste) a little different in Russia.


Chamomile and Oranges

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My countryside garden is full of these beautiful chamomile flowers. They look great surrounded by field grasses but I also have discovered that they look pretty at home, in combination with fresh oranges.


Round Radishes

These radishes are so delicious! Special thanks to my father-in-law who has grown them for us!


Cup and Fruit

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This is my third painting in Russia, and I feel like I am slowly getting used to a new place for my easel.


Strawberry Blossoms


 The strawberries in my garden are blossoming now and I decided to sacrifice a few of strawberries-to-be for this little still life. Summer is short in Russia and the blossoming time is also short here, but it makes this time of year even more special due to its transient nature.


Fresh Radishes

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This is my first painting back in Russia! It took me two days to overcome the jet-lag and the fatigue of the rather exhausting journey (Georgia - Florida - Moscow - Chelyabinsk). These radishes are brand new and grown in my old garden - they were planted by my father-in-law and I arrived just in time to pick them!
I will be shipping my new paintings from Russia and, although it can be a little more expensive for me since I'll need to use the fastest and safest possible postal services, the shipping price will remain the same - $10. Moreover, it will be fixed for all international destinations. It really shouldn't take packages to reach their buyers more than 2 weeks from the date of purchase but if it takes a little longer, I hope you'll understand. Also I would really appreciate your feedback on the promptness of deliveries.