Gold Reflection

This is the final work of "Preview" that I posted earlier. The new additions to the third and final version are the seeds and the knife. 


September Teacup


This is the finished work of what I posted a few days ago. The process above is in three phases, the second one being the one I posted on the 14th. The flower in the background is from my garden, but, sadly, the fruit are from the store. :) Shipping is free! 


Flowers and Fruit

This is 8"x8" gessoboard. These asters are still blooming in my garden. Although the leaves are yellow, and we can feel the cold at night.


Abundance of Fruit

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This is 8"x8" gesso board. I worked non-stop for 4 hours on this one. And I didn't notice how the time passed. It was such a painting flow. I just love the 8"x8" size! It feels very comfortable for me.
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Work in progress...

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 This is an 8"x8" gessoboard - I just love this size.

I actually did finish the piece just a half hour ago - but it was too late to take a photo of the finished painting, as it was already too dark. So here is the work in progress, and I will make the finished piece photo tomorrow and post it then.


Shining Orange


 I have started working with a group of aspiring children-artists and this is my first painting in the teaching capacity. Fun!
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