Sunny Strawberry

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I know I stuck with strawberries lately, can't help it. I just feel comfortable painting them. A friend of mine gave me a photo of her husband and daughter to paint from, I'll post it when it's ready. Thank you all for the nice comments! I appreciate it.


Strawberry & Grapes

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This is a stretched canvas - 8"x10". I wanted to achieve the effect of the grapes closer to the background  dissolving in the air.



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I appreciate all the comments you guys have left for my paintings. This painting is my another attempt to grasp the infinite beauty of things around us.


A Cup of Tea

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It was so hard to get a photo from this painting! In real life, the background of the picture is more warm-colored and a little bit lighter. So, if you're buying this painting, be prepared to see a slight change in color. It looks prettier in real life! :)


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I'm starting to paint nothing but flowers and fruit. I pick those flowers from my neighbor Susie's backyard - like I already said, but even she doesn't know the name of them! Do you? I am leaving this painting untitled until I find out what the name of the fower is.


Pink Flower (Rose of Sharon)


I saw this flower trough the kitchen window -  it had grown on the wild bush at my backyard. But I can't identify it. A wild rose?
Have a great weekend!


Autumn Tea


What a beautiful tea cup my neighbor Susie has got! She often helps me out with my paintings - she lets me pick flowers from her backyard and paint them there. The painting "Susie's Backyard" is also painted there! And  the roses in "Sunday Morning" are right from her flower garden. Thank you, Susie!


Red Pear

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My poor daughter was desperate to eat this beautiful pear but I couldn't let her have it, because it was such a perfect model for my next painting! And it will probably appear again on tomorrow's painting. I have the choice - be a good mother, or a good painter :)


Autumn Flowers


I realize that these flowers don't look like autumn ones, and I have no idea what they are called. They look more like spring blossoms to me, but since they bloom all year round, and I picked them in Autumn, this painting is called "Autumn Flowers".


Fruit Mix

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Like there is a Trail Mix, I figured I could make a Fruit Mix. At first, there was supposed to be a knife on the painting but I think the fruit alone look very good.
Enjoy your tasty Fruit Mix! 


Two Red Strawberries


I am sick today, so I could only make a quick sketch, 5"x7" canvas panel. Like writers say, " a line a day..."
Thanks for visiting!



Royal Tea

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Another 12"x12" painting with my homemade bread and peach jam. I bought these strawberries, and they're not at all like our Russian garden ones. In our "dacha" (garden) in Russia, we have strawberries too, very sweet and fragrant, but they were much smaller than these American ones. I was surprised with their size and perfect shape!

I hope you enjoy your Royal Tea.



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I did a bigger painting - 12" x 12", on linen canvas. I made it bigger than the others, because on the small paintings, several of the objects couldn't fit into the canvas, and the milk jug was always left out. I planned for weeks to paint this milk jug, so I fitted it on this big painting. Another bigger jug which is partly on this painting will also wait for another turn to appear on one of  my next paintings. It has also starred in "Lemon Rhapsody". It took me almost 5 hours ( with little breaks) while my daughter was at school.


Blackberry & Strawberry Jam


This was probably the longest painting I had ever done. I guess I got carried away, and didn't notice time flying by. I tried to make the jam as perfect as in real life - and I believe I succeeded. The strawberries were the last models, and one crawls off the canvas, and is continued on the side.


Breakfast For Two

Two more pieces of my homemade bread with raisins. The cup goes off the canvas, but is continued on the sides. This painting - "Breakfast for Two" - shows two pieces of bread with jam, enough grapes for two, and a cup of coffee (the second cup is somewhere out - of - bounds) - Just right for two people to enjoy their breakfast!


Bread & Jam

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I decided to make an upper - view painting, and I think it looks good. Do you? I spent some time making the jam on the bread just right, and trying to make the coffee glow. By the way, the piece of bread the peach jam is on is my own homemade. 

 This is how the canvas looks.



Lavender Mug


The mug is more the lavender color than the blue.

Pink Mug

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We have 2 cameras and none of them seem to make a perfect picture. The cup is a little more pink than you can see  here. I spent an hour putting the picture indoors and outdoors  in the shade trying to get the right represantation of my painting...