Watermelon, Grapes, and Strawberry

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This is my first watermelon this season. It is very delicious and refreshing.  Also it was very refreshing to paint.


Tea on Green

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Today it is another bleak and windy day in Georgia, so I wanted to day-dream about Summer, green grassy fields, white sheep grazing on them, and the sun brightly shining above it all. Hence the colors of this painting.


A Cup and a Plum

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 I've been the sick for a few days but, luckily, the peak of my illness is over and I am happy to be finally able to hold the brush and put strokes on the canvas. It's good to be back in the saddle!


Red Velvet

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This is the second rose that was given to me (well, actually, to my daughter) that I painted. 


Digression from Coooking

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This week is the Cheese Fair week in the Russian calendar and we usually make bliny (crepes) all the days of this week. It is the last week when it is okay for us to eat eggs and daity products before the Great Lent.


Cup and Rose

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This rose was presented to me as a gift, and I decided to use it as my model today, along with this cup. My daughter received a red rose, but I thought the pale pink rose would look better on the painting. What do you think?


Jar of Honey

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 All the time I was painting this jar of honey I was thinking about Winnie-the-Pooh because I had just seen a photo from a NYC museum where the actual prototype Pooh Bear is displayed - the actual toy that used to belong to Milne's son, Christoper Robin Milne.