Chocolate Dress

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This photo is from Savannah. The girl is posing for her sister on River Street. Like Charleston loved the city!


Summer Afternoon in Charleston

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I took this photo in Charleston, South Carolina, while visiting in summer 2012. Lovely city!  I discovered this photo in my files today, and decided it could turn into a painting... and so it did.


Sweet Snack

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This jam is handmade (..if you can say that about jam..) from my family's garden berries. Shortly after I finished this work, my daughter came home from school and put a good use to the contents of my model. :)


Black Coffee on Lilac

Today I received the comment from one of my buyers. She says:
"This treasure of a painting arrived safely at my
my home in the USA, all the way from Russia!
It looks even better than the photo. Beautiful
surface texture and luminous colors. Thank you!"
I treasure such nice words in my mind, they give me courage to keep painting. Thank you! 



I receive many comments on my paintings in progress. I also enjoy watching other artists paint and always appreciate the opportunity to see the consecutive stages of a painting's completion.


Sky City

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"Sky City" is a name that might make one say "Why sky?" The reason for that name is the blue buildings that make me think of the cloudless winter skies. This part of the city is set in a crepuscular light that brings out the buildings as a contrast against the dim background.


The Tastiest Fruit

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When I bought these oranges, I did not expect much of them as they were not very prepossessing on the outside. However, when I cut this one and tried it, I was amazed - it was so sweet and juicy that I couldn't help eating all of it except for this slice, which survived the rest of the original fruit by an hour due to being my model.


After Frost

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I like this change from frosty weather to thaw, when snow starts to melt and the air is full of first Spring smells. I am also adding a view from my window.