Green Tea


The flowers are actually weeds from a field, where we play soccer and volleyball sometimes. Their color is not quite right here; it should be more lilac. It happens all the time - lilac color turning into blue-ish. That's the way my camera works.


Tulips in Vase


I have exhausted the theme of roses for now and tulips look so fresh and lovely. Thanks for watching!


Spring Tea


I'm not sure of the name of these flowers, but I think they are some sort of lavender or lilac. In Gerogia, they blossom on big trees in the forest. No one owns them, so I just got out of my car on the highway and picked a few!


Apple Blossoms


These are Lady Apples - tiny-sized apples I bought at a market in Atlanta. They look like real picked apples from trees, the way they are next to the blossoms. My husband has just written a little poem, inspired by this painting:

When blossoms wither,
Apples are born
Between these contending
feelings I'm torn -
Do I rejoice
or do I mourn?
All beauty should die
to be reborn


Turnip and Kale Flower

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The farmers market I go to really inspires me to paint more amd more different kinds of vegetables and fruit. Visiting this market is like an adventure in an exotic country to me, from which I return with a bag full of trophies.


A Jar of Honey


This is a jar of Honeycomb Honey I bought at a nearby store. If you look closely, you can actually see real honeycombs in the painted jar! I found this very interesting. :)