Lilies in a Vase II


Can't stop painting the lilies. They last for one day, and the next day yesterday's buds (which you can see on the background) become new flowers. And I can't help painting them again:)


Tuesday Tea

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This painting took me 2 days to finish it. I wanted to keep it for some art gallery, but today I haven't enough time to paint a small work, so here.


Roses and Cherries

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Don't the two cherries in the bottom right corner look like they are purposefully reaching out their stems to each other? That was my daughter's idea. :)


An Angel

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This angel is from my neighbor Susie's big collection. She treasures every one of them, and reluctantly gave me two, one of them which is on this painting. This angel gives you a sort of peaceful mood, doesn't it?


Charleston Street


This is one of the beautiful streets of Charleston, don't remember the name. Charming little town!