Silver, Lemon & Orange

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This time I wanted to spend some more time on the details, in an attempt to represent the objects as true to life as possible.




One more study of silver reflections. It was harder for me to paint without milk to compare values. Can you see my reflection in the bowl?


Milk in Silver

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This is a 6"x6" gessobord painting. I made a goal to paint the creamer quickly and accurately, rendering the material (silver) in a limited number of energetic and free brushstrokes.


The White Flowers

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I picked these flowers when we got lost, and had to make a stop to see a map. It's been four months since we came to the US, but still don't know the downtown yet.  The flowers were all over the bushes; and I have know idea what the name is. Any suggestions?


Pansy in a Cup


Yesterday I received a package of gessoboards. I've never painted on them before, so it was unusual for me to work on such a smooth surface. It's different, and I need time to get used to it. I always gesso my canvases before I paint, but these gessoboards are unexpectedly smooth for me. I liked the feeling of discovering something new. It's refreshing. Thank you all for the comments!



I'm posting two of my recent paintings today ( completely forgot to push "publish post" yesterday). Both paintings on a stretched canvas, 8"x8" inch. What a beautiful autumn we have here in Georgia! I hope you all enjoy the season!

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Morning Delight


The creamer has recently been polished, so now it looks more... silver. I often use crackers and jam, since I do many paintings with the theme "breakfast".  This painting looks like somebody's breakfast, so I have named it "Morning Delight". 



Pink Dreams

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This painting is actually made-up. I had a red rose lying in front of me, but I decided to make it pink on the painting. The rose is like a pretty young girl in a pink dress, dreaming. What do you assosciate the rose with?


Romantic Tea


These roses remind me of a wedding, with the large white rose, and the white background. The teacup has appeared on previous paintings, and I think is the most graceful of my teacup collection. I really like the design on it, those lavender flowers. What about you?


November Flowers

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These are my November flowers along with the butterfly. The pansies' colors are a good example of autumn. I just noticed that the butterfly and the rose seem to be looking at each other.


Pansy Parade


These flowers aren't all pansies, actually, only the ones in the silver cup are. The smaller flowers in the background are violas. They were all picked from around Athens, I mean all the plants, and I arranged them in a Thanksgiving style still life.