Teacup and Mandarin


 I have always wanted to take photos of each consecutive stage of my painting process and today I finally did that! Thanks for watching!


Teacup and Berries

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Yesterday turned out especially prolific for me. I had just finished my first painting and was about to call it a day when my husband came back home from our country house and brought two baskets full of raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and currants. He was even so thoughtful as to pick some of them with their leaves - exactly how I need them for my paintings! So, naturally, how could I resist the temptation of painting another one  and this became my second painting for the day.


July Poppies

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 These poppies are growing in the field very close to my country house. Poppies always remind me of Claude Monet's paintings.


Grapefruit and Wild Cherries


 These wild cherries are also from my garden - they are different from those cherries that are sold in supermarkets: they are more sour, smaller, but have a unique fragrance. We usually make jam from such cherries and their fragrance makes wild cherry jam especially good.


Lily After Rain

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After a whole month of dry weather we finally had a very nice rain. All the flowers and other plants in my garden seemed to rejoice.


Raspberries from My Garden


I picked these raspberries from the raspberry bushes in my garden. What I said before about the ephemeral nature of Russian summer is particularly true about raspberries - their season only lasts for about two weeks. Minus rainy days, of course, when you can't pick them and they might even go all watery and tasteless. Yesterday we had an hour long interruption in the rain and drizzle and I rushed to pick a few berries. That's how these ones survived the rainy day.


Grapefruit and Cherries

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 I bought this grapefruit and it was supposed to be a red one inside.
My initial disappointment with its color disappeared, however, when I started painting it.


Sunny Day

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Summer is very short in Russia - all the trees start blossoming late in May and early in August we can see first yellow leaves. Each and every day brings changes to the surrounding nature. Bright sunny days are abruptly interrupted by thunderstorms, followed by calm and cool evenings. However, there are moments in Russian summer when it seems that the time has stopped and this moment will last forever. I tried to reflect such a moment in this painting.


Two Beauties


Well, I skipped the swimming with my family at the nearby lake on a hot day because I found these two beauties in  my sister-in-law's garden.


Melon and Cherries

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The focal point of this work for me was the transparent part of the melon in the shadow (next to the seeds). In Russia, the fruit season is a fleeting moment - a few weeks for each kind of fruit. Cherries' season will soon be over, as well as melons'. That's why we have to be fast in our appreciation of these gifts of nature here and, literally, cherish each moment of summer.


Melon and Strawberries


 A friend of mine gave me this little melon. She had no idea I was going to paint it! The strawberries are from my garden.