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As you can notice the painting on my second photo looks better - that's the way it looks in life. When I was taking a photo of the first, cropped piece, it was already dark outside and the photo didn't come out right. Look at my palette! Too messy!


Blue Cup and Lemon

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I brought this blue cup from St Petersburg. It's a birthday gift. It's actually an internationally famous type - Imperial Porcelain from 1744. The cup is very light and practical to use - although I prefer to paint it :)


August Roses

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This painting is for the "Rose Bush" Challenge at DPW. I hadn't entered any challenges before this one - the quality and elegance of the photo for the challenge inspired me and prompted me to enter. Painting today was unusual because 99% of my works are from life, so it was a fun experience.


Copper Cup

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I finished painting this still life right before the sunset, so I could only take the picture of it with the electric light on. That's why the photo only gives a very general impression of what the painting looks like in reality. My apologies and I promise to post a more "valid" photo in the morning (which should be tonight in the western hemisphere).


Evening Lily

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I painted these lilies in my garden yesterday. The evening sun was soft and warm. As I was sitting, all alone, amidst my garden flowers and other plants, I felt such harmony and unity with the surrounding nature - the gentle evening wind, the slowly setting sun, the buzz of many insects. And, at the same, time I was in a rush to finish the painting before it gets dark. So, I was in two conflicting moods. By the way, this size (6x8) is new to me, since they have only started selling boards of this size in Dick  Blick Art Materials.


August Rhapsody

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 I finished this just now. It was a good experience, a challenge, and a break from the small sizes - now I feel like going back to my usual, familiar 6"x6"! Thanks for looking!