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Back from Charleston. It was an awesome trip! I made a lot of pictures of old buildings, people. Didn't get a chance to work plein air, though.


Sunday Morning

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Me and my family are going to visit Charleston, SC for a week. I hope to find some time to do plein air! Looking forward to it!  Have a great Sunday everybody!


Teacup and Hydrangea

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The day long break from work that I took yesterday due to a slight illness, during which I relaxed enjoing simple things like watching TV, was very refreshing. And today I found new insperation to paint.


Wild Rose


I was driving home from the iconografy studio, where I work twice a week, thinking about what to paint today. And my eye caught this the only rose on a rose bush, that's what I needed! Thanks for visiting my blog:)


The Birthday

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I bought this pretty teacup in a thrift store today. What a relief - no need to think of a name for a painting! It says The Birthday inside the cup. Just added one of my daughter's Calico Critters toy sheep.:)


Monday Morning


It was actually Tuesday, when I painted this one. But "Monday Morning" sounds more attractive to me, doesn't it?