Little Bouquet

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I painted this little piece for a small amount of time, enjoying the process of freely applying the strokes, and relishing the fragrance of the flowers.


Tea and Flowers


I ordered some new teacups from the US by means of the Internet, and here is one of them. The flowers came in a bouquet, which I then separated by color - and this is the pink batch. 


Blossoms By The Window

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I had begun to set up the vase, flowers, and background in early morning for painting, but when I casually placed the blossoms on the windowsill, I saw how nicely the sun reflected through the branches, and decided to leave the vase where it was.


Daffodils of May


Finally trees have begun to bloom in the Ural region of Russia, where I live.  I am so excited! I've been longing for daffodils to paint for a long time!. Now I am ready for cherry and apple blossoms, but those might take a while to start blooming, as everything starts later here. Thanks for watching!