The Red Velvet Tablecloth

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The one detail in this super-cozy room that stood out in my imagination enough to name the painting after it is the red velvet tablecloth. The way it has been placed so regally on the small round table makes you think it must be a priceless antique carried through many a generation, treasured by its protective owners, and admired - not without a degree of envy - by guests and passersby. You can almost hear the wealthy owner exclaiming, "But of course, it is made of my great-great-grandmother's finest velvet. Isn't it amazing how it seems to hold the room together?"


Guests Will Be Here Soon

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Finished it this morning! The room is finally all ready to host a wonderful feast - I'll leave it up to you to decide who will be sitting at those tables :) 

Unfinished Room

This is the unfinished version of the painting-to-be, but already the room is alive: the door is just waiting for someone to come in and sit at the lamplit tables and look out the windows into the green garden.
Stay tuned to see the finished painting in a couple of days! Thank you for looking. 



This is just a preview of the work I did not have time to finish today - it turned out to be so detailed that it had gotten too dark to paint by the time I was nearing the end. I guess I just love painting interiors! Hopefully I'll post the real thing in a day or two. Thanks for looking!