What paint colors do you use?

 Winsor & Newton

~Titanium White
~Cadmium Yellow Medium
~Winsor Lemon
~Lemon Yellow
~Permanent Rose
~Alizarin Crimson
~French Ultramarine 


~Cadmium Orange 
~Yellow Green
~Cobalt Turquoise

What brushes do you use?

For my gessoboards I use synthetic brushes. For canvases I prefer natural hair brushes such as Rosemary & Co. While I am painting I don't use many brushes. 

What medium do you use?

I make my own medium using 3 ingredients - ratio of 4-1-1: Turpentine (4 parts), Stand Oil (1 part), Damar Varnish (1 part). 

What panels do you use?

I like the gessoboards from Ampersand (bought them from http://www.dickblick.com/). Usually I use 6"x6" and 5"x7" sizes. 

Do you varnish your paintings?

Yes! I used to cover my paintings with Dammar Varnish by Winsor & Newton when I was living in the USA. Now, since I currently live in Russia, I use Dammar Varnish made in Russia. I think it's the same formula.

How do you ship your paintings?




  1. Thanks very much for sharing your palette and materials Elena. I always enjoy seeing your lovely work. Your beautiful colors inspire! Cheers and happy daily painting! Aimee

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  5. Hi there, just discovered your site by accident and I absolutely adore your work.I hope you don't mind sharing some of it on my Facebook page Modern Country Lady with a link to your page so more people get to see it ? I also thought your work would be perfect for getting printed on greeting cards, don't know if this is something you would even consider, but I think there is a big market for that.I myself am looking into doing this myself and found a printer that can do very professional lloing cards ( the more you order the cheaper it is - 45 pence if you ordewr 100 cards- and I am not that printer or have anything to do with them !! ).I will enclose the link.Good luck with your painting! Bea ( Modern Country Lady ) link to printer http://www.dpidigital.co.uk/create-a-card/?step=2&cardid=5310d3cfa6921

  6. Здравствуйте Ирина. Спасибо вам за ваши работы- такие светлые.Хотела у вас спросить -вы пишите в 2 слоя и с каким промежутком по времени? Я увлеклась живописью- очень хочется попробовать.Изучаю только по ютубу Есть ли у вас в планах выпустить диск-учебник ? Творческих вам успехов.

  7. I love your teacups and beautiful colors. Do you start on a panel that has been grounded? And if so, what do you usually use?