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Today I wanted to try something different. I looked inside my refrigerator... to look for something to paint. There were no lemons left -- only a pomegranate. Not in the mood to paint the whole thing, I broke the fruit in three misshapen blobs. At first, I thought my painting would have an upright halved pomegranate on it... but then when I broke it in pieces, they just flopped onto the table, all flimsy-like, so this is how come this pomegranate is a lying-down close-up, staring you in the eye. Altough this is not what I expected, I satisfied with the outcome.


A Bowl and Four Raspberries

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This is a companion to the sold "A Bowl and Two Eggshells". I decided to use the same naming format on both pieces since the bowl is the same and the composition is similar.


Spring in Winter

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I went to Trader Joe's today hoping to get some pretty flowers to paint. And there they were - the very first daffodils this year! Gorgeous and delicate.


Cup and Jam

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This is my first time, I think, using this little plate. I've had only plain white plates before, so this time I decided to paint something different. And I like how it turned out. Thanks for watching!


A Bowl & Two Eggshells

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After spending quite some time thinking about the title of this painting, I named it "A Bowl & Two Eggshells", although I was wondering what this cup/bowl would be called. A cup, a bowl? A...nother name for this curved clay contraption? Finally, I just went with bowl. :)


Holiday Colors

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Although the holidays are pretty much over, I haven't had a chance to paint much red and green. I wasn't planning on painting anything festive, but I had this sudden urge to prolong the holiday season! Happy New Year to everyone!


Satsuma Orange

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 I have painted a satsuma like this before, but I did not call it "Satsuma", so here is another version of it. I bought the fruit at a big indoor Farmers Market to paint.