Red Flower

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I dedicate this piece to the pretty red flower on the bowl. Although it is not the main part of the painting, I notice it first when looking at the whole piece.


Spring Teacup and Apple

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I painted this piece yesterday because I had extra time. Today, I painted another one but will post it tomorrow evening.
I am currently focused on spring pieces - leaves, flowers, fruit, and, of course, my teacups.


Blue April

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Note -- the blue on the teacup is not as intensely bright in real life, and the daisy at the bottom stands out more than on the photo above.


Daisies in the Sky

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 We were heading home from my daughter's horseback riding lesson when I spotted tiny white circles dotting the fresh green grass. I couldn't resist - I got out of the car and picked a bunch, picturing this painting in my mind. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!



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I finished this painting a year ago, and haven't posted until now. At that time, I was playing around with canvas sizes, paint texture, and different techniques. The picture above looks somewhat different from the real thing - on the actual painting, the sunflowers stand out from the background. My camera didn't want to cooperate, so it didn't get all the colors correct.


Spring Fruit

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While I was painting these fruit, a nightingale was singing outside my window, reminding me that it's spring now. Fruit are traditionally associated with Autumn but nowadays we can get fruit all the year round, even in Spring - hence the title.


Cup and Grapefruit

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I am glad that days are getting longer and I can paint in the afternoon, when the sun is not too bright, and have enough time to complete a still-life (and even take a picture of the end result without any rush).


Lemons and Lime

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I was trying to convey the shining, translucent yellow of the lemons in my today's painting and I am happy with the result.


Radish and Greens

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 I found this large bunch of radishes and was immediately in love with it, knowing I could use it for my next piece.


Spring is Here

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 This year, winter was unusually long. But just a few warm days and there are so many blossoming trees in my neighborhood now. Finally, Spring is here.


Green and Gold

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 As you can see there is a new item in my collection of things to paint. I like the reflections it provides.


Limes and Leaves

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I have just discovered the beauty of the lime, and my daughter made a parallel discovery of its gustatory appeal. She cuts my models into little pieces and eats them.