Summer Fruit


This is probably my last painting before I move to Russia. I don't want to stop painting even for a short while but we need to start packing and preparing for the journey.


The Fruit Time is Here

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 Do you see the difference? The upper picture was retaken today and looks more like it's supposed to in real life.

I was so glad to see the cherries in a local store again! and the peaches smelled so good when I was passing them by!


White Blossoms

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I found these blossoms on a wild bush in my backyard today. I didn't realize that there were thorns on branches until one sank its claws into my skin :)


Making Apple Pie

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What does the reflected image in the jug look like to you? Unlike my daughter's opinion, it is actually an apple. Which is why I named the piece "Making Apple Pie".


Teacup and Oranges

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Just can't get enough of my new teacup! When it arrived and I opened the box, all I could do was keep repeating "Oh, my gosh, this is lovely!"


May's Gifts

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 I am happy to share the exciting news - since my husband needs to collect data for his dissertation, we are going back to Russia for a year or so. We are moving in the end of May. I am so excited about the prospect of finding new inspirations for my small paintings in the new environment! It might take a little longer for my future paintings to reach their buyers in the US - probably about two weeks - but I hope it won't be a problem and they will understand. These two years in Georgia have been a wonderful experience for me and my family!