Blackcurrant Twig

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The short Russian summer is over and we are entering the long winter season now. I was snowing yesterday. So, while the fragrant scent of summer still lingers in my memory, I want to dwell a little longer on the lush local fruit and berries. Black currants are my favorite berries and they are perfect for jam!


Yellow on Purple


A few weeks ago I already painted this creamer with this very same knife and a lemon. After that I was asked to paint a similar work and I decided to do so but use a different background color. The lemon is also a different one, although it might look the same, as the previous one, after diligently serving me as a model, has ended its earthly days in my family's tea cups (lemon tea is very popular in Russia).




I haven't been posting anything for about a week now since I was commissioned a double portrait and it has taken me much time. Now that the portrait is almost finished I felt I could enjoy painting one of my small fruit ones.