A Girl with a Chick

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This is Megan, the sister of Kathleen (on yesterday's painting). She's been hiding the chick in her hoodie pocket:) Thank you all for visiting my blog and for the comments!


A Day on a Farm


My daughter had a horseback riding lesson on a nearby farm a few days ago, so I went around and photographed different sights. One of these 'sights' is a 4-year-old girl whom I decided to paint. This was painted from a photo, which is so unlike me. I found out that painting from photographs has its advantages and disadvantages. It is easier and more convenient, but is most times inaccurate in colors. Sometime I would like to bring my easel to the farm and paint plein air.


Petunias and Red Charme

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In addition to the three petunias, I added some dark red Charme. Hope you like it!


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This is the painting I was talking about yesterday, in the description of "Wildflowers". I decided not to paint all the flowers, but just three petunias facing us and a bunch of forget-me-nots.


Evening Rose

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I was painting this one with the sun setting. I had to paint as quick as I could, so it's more impressionist work.