A Day on a Farm


My daughter had a horseback riding lesson on a nearby farm a few days ago, so I went around and photographed different sights. One of these 'sights' is a 4-year-old girl whom I decided to paint. This was painted from a photo, which is so unlike me. I found out that painting from photographs has its advantages and disadvantages. It is easier and more convenient, but is most times inaccurate in colors. Sometime I would like to bring my easel to the farm and paint plein air.


  1. beautiful! I love the colors and the feeling of the piece.

  2. Great painting! I love the loose brushstroke and yet it's so expressive. I love your blog too, beautiful paintings!

  3. These latest painting are lovely. My wife tells me about her childhood living in the country and how she's so greatful for growing up where she did. This is exactly how I invision it was for her. Well down!