Two Slices of Shine

These are my accomplishments for today. I am working on the series of portraits of some writers lately. All of them are going to a library in my home city in Russia. So, this morning I started to work on one of the famous writers - A.P. Chekhov.
Thank you all for the comments on my last work! I had no idea it would be so popular!

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Lemon Royalty

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This lemon tea is fit for a king. :)
The antique silver spoon and the mysterious black background makes it look especially "royal".


A Simple Breakfast

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Someone sitting down to a simple breakfast on a weekend morning : coffee and an eclair.
This eclair was the last one left in the box - my husband and daughter ate all the other ones! (I helped a bit, too.)


Citrus Delight

This certain clementine has given up a fifth of her edible self for humans to eat. :)
I just got some gessoboards 5"x5", a new size for me. I have never tried it before, and 6"x6" always seemed like a TINY size for me to paint on. But now, even more miniature!
I like that new size; it's a new experience for me. I've found that painting miniature is a "delight" for my liking. Oh, by the way, they are delicious!!


It's Me Again

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The rose seems more confident today, greeting you with an inquisitive though brave "Hello, remember me? Well, it is me again." The rose waves a leaf at you and blushes.
What do you reply today? 


I'm Just a Rose

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This little rose is peeking out at you, shyly, anticipating what you are about to say. It ventures, "I'm just a rose...", then glances up at you questioningly. It does not know what to expect from you, what response to await. It waits... then you answer -
Send in your replies to the rose via comments! :)


Blue Squares

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This is the piece I told you to look out for - the sequel painting "Blue Squares". Instead of eggshells, I surrounded the glass with grapefruit slices. Deciding to make it look colorful, I made the grapefruit slices bright orange-red and the squares on the glass a bold sky-blue.
Unfortunately, I do not own any other glasses with the colored squares on them. If I had, I would've added to the series! Maybe sometime in the far distant future I will find similar glasses and use them as my painting models. :)


Green Squares

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Another piece in my "eggshells" series. I bought this  Made in Italy cup quite some time ago, but used it as my model only today. I also bought an identical glass with blue squares instead of green. Coming up in one of my next pieces will be "Blue Squares".


Polka Eggplant

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This polka dot cup and eggplant are friends because of their similar color. I just noticed that the polka dots on the cup are like the reflexes on the eggplant.


Making Eggnog

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When I lived in California, stores would always sell eggnog during the holiday season. So, as we are nearing the holidays, I dedicate this piece to my California Eggnog.


Baby Eggplants

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These little eggplants I found in one of the local farmers markets. They are actually called Indian Eggplants, but they are miniature, so I named this piece "Baby Eggplants". Also a variation of the name: "Two Little Eggplants" or "Twin Eggplants".


Eggplant Delight

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This little eggplant is getting ready to be chopped up into pieces and fried up in a pan. But don't worry, it doesn't hurt him. :)


Coffee Cup & Crackers

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 This coffee cup reminds me of the coming Christmas - its red coloring and all. By the way, is there coffee in the cup? That's a mystery question just for you. :)


Grapefruit Shine

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This grapefruit is reflecting the light, and therefore, I named the painting "Grapefruit Shine".


Cherry & Blackberry

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Someone getting ready to have morning tea. They fixed crackers, and are waiting for tea to heat up. Then they will pour tea into the teacup, eat the crackers, lick off the spoon, and wash their teacup. Then they will wipe all the crumbs off the table, smack their lips in anticipation of the day, and hurry about their daily chores.