Copper and Sugar Cubes

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 I worked on this small piece for more than 3 hours, which is way too long for me. I have these "slow" days sometimes - the fact that I painted a certain item many times before doesn't matter. It happens!


July Peaches

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In two or so days, July will turn into August, and these peaches will be long gone - so this painting will be something to remember them by.


Silver and Pansy

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I have just gotten back from a marvelous trip to St Petersburg (Russia) full of inspiration and am eager to start painting again! It was a family trip, so I didn't take any art supplies with me. There I visited the Russian Museum of Art and the Hermitage Museum, and discovered many new artists and their eye-opening paintings.
This is my first work after getting back (me and my family arrived yesterday morning), and I realized that it was tough but exciting to start anew after 17 days of rest!


Tea and Cherries

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The cherry season in Russia is coming to a close, so I'm trying my best to catch hold of them and portray the last ones in my paintings. Also, I posted the progress of my work! Thanks for looking!