Teapot & Autumn Leaves

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Isn't this a pretty teapot? It blends nicely with the leaves and the background. This teapot also appears on one of my sold paintings, "Fruit & Teapot". Now it stars in "Teapot & Autumn Leaves".


Hot Chocolate


To finish this painting took me nearly 6 hours. Maybe because of the book on CD, which I was listening to very carefully all the time I was painting. I feel exhausted but happy now.



Teacup & Rosebuds


And I'm still painting October leaves. This time I added a few rosebuds, that way more color will show on the painting. For my next painting, I'm thinking of adding tea to the cup, as somebody commented on my other Autumn painting. Thanks for the suggestion, Lowalady! Have a nice weekend.


Teacup & Two Strawberries


This is another one of my autumn leaf paintings. I gather the leaves from a field close to my house, and sometimes from my backyard. Since it's October, I find inspiration in these red-and-yellow autumn leaves. The strawberries add lightness to the painting and are also shown in the title.


Teacup & Flowers


You can see the beauty of what you are going to paint, but it is a challenge to represent it on canvas. This is what I've been working on.


Tea & Strawberries


Nobody in Russia would believe me - strawberries along with autumn leaves - that's impossible. We have strawberries in July and leaves become yellow and red in September. But I enjoyed that change.


Tiny Chrysanthemums

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These flowers are of unknown name, but I think they are chrysanthemums. This creamer is famous among my family, because both my husband and my daughter like it, and Sofiya, my daughter, likes to draw it. I hope everyone has a good day and a good weekend.


Red Rose

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This is the same rose as in the painting "Rose Bud". But in this painting, the rose is blooming right in front of my eyes! Hope you enjoy my Red Rose.


Rose Bud

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It was raining all day long yesterday, which is good. We could watch a squirrel and cardinal birds busy taking a shower in the rain. Beautiful! Today I went outside hoping to find something to paint and saw this rose bud on the neighbour's rose bush. What nice presents nature can make! I hope the rose won't fade and I'll paint it once again.


The Creamer and the Dove

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I used two light sources: the electrical and the sun. Well, the sun was not shining, because it was raining all day long outside. I had no choice but turning the light on.


Long Live The Apple!

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This is the first apple on my blog and Daily Paintworks. I painted this for half an hour, feeling very inspired and thankful to the sun which was shining right on my apple!


Blueberry Muffin (Brown Background)

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 I tried to be painting this one really quickly so I could keep the first impression from this yummy subject. I can tell I enjoyed it very much! There is one more muffin coming soon...


Georgia Small Works Exhibition

Three of my paintings have been chosen for the Georgia Small Works Exhibition, and will remain on display through November, 2011. Here they are:

Sugar Bowl


This is the smallest piece I ever painted! The background is not so cold and bright-blue..that's my camera, I'm not happy with it. In life the color of the background is more lilac.


At Tybee Island

This is the painting I have worked on lately. This is my friend's lovely daughter and her husband. I worked from the black and white photo, which was interesting for me, to use all my experience and imagination. Actually, back in Russia, I once painted a big portrait of a little girl from a tiny photo. Here it is: