Red Grapefruit Slice


As I was slicing this grapefruit it occurred to me that it looked just like the ones I used to buy at Buford Highway Farmers' Market in Doraville, next to Atlanta, GA. As I was peering into the half-transparent red depths of this fruit, I thought for a moment that my return to Russia might have just been a dream and, as soon as my gaze finally resurfaces from the grapefruit flesh, I might find myself still in the familiar corner on the second floor of my Georgia apartment, where I used to paint my cups and fruits. This thought would not leave me until I finished painting this one. I guess I am missing Georgia.

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  1. I am absolutely loving this, so much so that I went out today to buy a grapefruit and I intend to have a go myself at painting a segment. I am sure it won't be luminescent as yours is, but I feel so very inspired by your work. Best wishes , Caroline (from UK)