A Winter Tale

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The Winter season is coming to an end, so it must present a tale before welcoming spring.
 "It has been a long, cold day, and the sunset is glad to arrive, casting pink streaks across the sky and melting all the land with its peaceful hue. Everything under the sky is a soft shade of light pink and lavender. The people of the village are safely at home with their fireplaces burning so bright that the fire's warm glow echoes through the window. Some invisible white hares buried to their ears in the dazzling snow stare wistfully up at the welcoming windows of the cottages, wishing that they too could be comforted in front of the cozy fireplace. All birds are in their secure branches, fluffing up their feathers so that they can protect themselves from the frigid air throughout the night. The sunset slowly drifts to twilight, the sky turning darker every minute. It was a soft and quiet pink only a few minutes ago. Now it is a stormy bluish-gray - the color of the frosty twilight in late winter. The hares leap back to their dens, abandoning the cottages that had betrayed them by not opening their doors and letting the hares inside. The birds are drifting in an out of a peaceful winter sleep. And when the stars begin to appear and the sky darkens to a dark navy blue, the land is covered with a dark sheet of winter sleep."
The Winter finishes its tale, sighs, and steps out of Spring's way.

~`~ By Sofiya Almeteva, Elena Katsyura's daughter ~`~

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  1. A lovely painting, and beautiful prose. You have some lovely paintings on your blog, congratulations.

    (We are in winter here in Australia, and hopefully soon it will be finished!)