Mandarin Bowl

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Every time I sit down at my easel and stare at my 6"x6" gessoboard, I wonder how I am going to fit all of my still life set on that teeny tiny platform. I start painting, and as a result, my composition on the gessoboard always turns out bigger than the one on the table. All the objects that I've painted are larger in size and not how I planned them to be. So, my point is that I am probably going to try moving to bigger sized gessoboards and make more out of my brushstrokes. Painting on a bigger size will not make my details seem as big, and I think I have a tendency of painting large, so I'll experiment with other sizes and see where that leads me. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Elena,
    O' I do hope you will continue to sometimes use 5x7 ... they are more affordable to me, but still beautiful and exquisite.
    But I am glad you will move away from the 6x6 - it is so hard to find frames for that format.