Sunday Tea

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Rather than coffee, people in Russia drink tea three times a day, after every meal. And a couple more cups between meals!


  1. Dearest Elena,
    The 6x6 format is adorabe that you do most of your paintings on, but it is SO hard to find frames for a 6x6; Unless you buy off the internet and are prepared to pay the extra cost of shipping.

    I would love to buy more of your work, and wish so much there were more in the 5x7 format.

    x x x

  2. Thank you for the comment, Paulthea! I really didn't think it was hard to find 6"x6" frame. It seems everyone uses such size on DPW. But thank you for the information! I am painting on 5"x7" sometimes, they are mostly landscapes. Just today(before I got your message) I was thinking to paint on 5"x7" size! Best regards!

  3. Dearest Elena,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I too have noticed that 6x6 is a VERY popular size formatn for artists. But as an art collector it is a little bit of a disappointing size regarding finding frames.
    We have bough a 5x7 from you in the past, and am excited to see your new paintings in this size.
    Thank you sincerely - your are exceptionally talented. Your work brings great joy to so many!
    x x x